G.A. Minutes 8-23-12

G.A. Minutes 8-23-12

Tonight we deal with business. First we need covers for our garbage barrels as when it rains they fill up with water and create a big mess when we try to remove the full bags. An Occupier gets up and starts rooting around down at the bottom of the camp. He comes out with a big piece of plywood and puts it on the garbage can. Problem solved.

Someone suggests we should have a calendar up that lists all the events that are happening in the area so everyone is aware. Good idea, we’ll do that.

We have a final discussion re: the Forum on Sunday at U.U. Church. We have some good brochures and info packages to give them and we anticipate making a short presentation and then letting the parishioners ask questions.

September 17th will be the one year anniversary of the start of the Occupy Movement. We agree to do something to mark this day.

Someone suggest we hold an event and invite representatives of the various left leaning parties that are sponsoring a candidate for U.S. president. We think this is a possibility.

The Community Outreach Walk is having trouble getting off the ground. We find that there are not enough actual Occupiers living in the camp. The homeless people that live in our camp are just beginning to learn about Occupy principles. While they are receptive and very helpful in performing duties related to maintaining the camp, they are a little shy about going to activities outside the camp.

We have two new campers this week. One is a homeless woman from the alley and one is a woman who is an experienced Occupier. This is great! We are always short on women.

We gather a crew to go fill up the water jugs and buckets for washing dishes. Then it’s time to call it a night. Lots of work to do in the next month.