G.A. Minutes 8-21-12

G.A. Minutes 8-21-12

All the usual crowd tonight plus a few people we haven’t seen in awhile. An Occupier tells us about a plan he has for a bank action. He will do the organizing and we will give support. Enough said. Come to a G.A. if you’d like details.

We have more discussion about the Occupy Forum at the Unitarian Church, Sunday August 26th at 9am. An Occupier shows us flyers he has made for the event. We like them.

There hasn’t been any progress related to the Community Outreach Walk. People have been busy with other things.

Everybody walks up to take a look at the new gate that one of our Occupiers has made for us. From now on, the gate will be closed from 1am until campers wake up in the morning.

This is probably the shortest mtg we have had. Afterward, we load up the garbage and then sit around the camp. Campers who haven’t been around for awhile meet the new campers. The neighborhood is quiet and there’s a gentle, cool breeze. Sweet.