G.A. Minutes 8-18-12

G.A. Minutes 8-18-12

We have some new campers now. Tonight some of them are attending their first G.A. ever and want to know what Occupy is all about. Others have been to many Occupy camps in the last year and have stories to tell.

We’ll get to that, but first we have some business to attend to. Occupy is participating in a forum (called what is Occupy or something like that) at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Sun. Aug. 26th at 9am. We discuss who is going, what materials they’ll bring etc. We hope you all will attend.

So, back to what is Occupy all about. We talk about the role that corporations have played in nearly destroying the planet, how most jobs equal slavery and rob us of our lives, how a person (in this country at least) cannot live on any piece of land without having to pay something just to have a place to lie down at night, that technically homelessness is illegal and one can be incarcerated simply for being homeless. We discuss how the presence of the Occupy camps around the nation have pointed out the lack of true public space. We most experienced Occupiers feel that it is the job of Occupy to make the people truly aware of these things and to challenge everyone to do something about it. The planet is dying and we haven’t much time left.

We begin a discussion about what the camp will be like in winter and we also talk about the fact that maintaining the camp takes a lot of time and energy and that over the last few months we have been neglecting direct action. We want to maintain the camp over winter. Being in camp is actually kind of fun, everybody learns a lot. We need more people to help us. In the past, we haven’t been really been very good at planning ahead so this is a start.

It’s been raining off and on throughout the evening and it looks like more is coming. The young ones go off to the newest nightclub and the older ones go to rest up for another day.