G.A. Minutes 7-17-12

G.A. Minutes 7-17-12

Most of the regulars are here tonight, including a couple of folks that have been out of town for awhile. We’re very happy to see them.

We will be showing the movie “Just Do It” at the Zinema at 7pm on July 26th. Suggested donation will be $7.00. Of course, no one will be turned away for lack of funds. We’ll have a discussion period afterwards somewhere in the Zinema complex.

The new Porta-Potty is great. It lasts for the whole week. Now we’re having a problem with garbage service. The Blight Officer (apparently there really is such an office) was by today, complaining that the dumpster was too full. We explained that we personally haul our own garbage to the dump and were told it is illegal to do that. We contacted a friend from city government who will let us know if there really is a law against taking care of your own garbage. We suspect this is just another incidence in the constant stream of unwarranted visits from the City and DPD. Across the country, Occupy is plagued by government harassment.

We think that all in all the camp is doing very well. Things are running smoothly and meaningful relationships are being developed. So where do we go from here?

We discuss legal issues and get reports relating to the legal professionals who have offered their services. Suddenly one of the Occupiers (who is always on the cutting edge of everything) says,” Has anyone seen the movie “Abe Lincoln – The Vampire”?” This cracks everybody up and the Occupier talks about his frustration with the gullibility of the general public and their willingness to believe media lies. Perhaps he will run for office and set everybody straight. More laughter and then he agrees that if he doesn’t win he will become the leader of the Occupy Entertainment Committee. Seeing as we don’t have leaders, this could prove tricky. The comic relief is welcome by all.

One person suggests that we pick a particular group of people to try and organize to be more involved with Occupy. Another reminds us that one should not attempt to organize anyone to do what the organizer wants them to do but only to help that person toward their own self actualization. All agree. Another makes the comment that much of Occupy concerns itself with the injustices committed upon the poorest members of society and “If you want to roll with Occupy you will have to actually touch a homeless person.” The original speaker states that he and many others have found this to be a problem during their lengthy time in the social justice movement. He states that many people want to help the world by giving speeches and donations while still remaining within their somewhat privileged comfort zones. We will need a deeper commitment from those who wish to save our planet and bring true equality and justice to all. He believes he knows a group of caring people who are willing to tackle this problem honestly. We agreed to pursue this further.

Many more people from the neighborhood begin arriving and the evening evolves into music and several small groups engaged in interesting and meaningful conversation.