G.A. Minutes 7-14-12

G.A. Minutes 7-14-12

It was a little difficult having a G.A. tonight as the weather was so hot and humid, formulating thoughts was challenging. We did our best. A band from some sort of religious group had 1st Ave. E. blocked off and was playing so loud that we had to shout at each other in order to be heard. After the group left, one of our regular visitors stopped by to tell us they had walked off and left the Jackson-McGhie area in a huge mess. Perhaps the religious folks felt it was the job of “those people” to clean up the mess. Of course, that’s what will happen. Occupy and our allies always leave any area we have been in better condition than it was when we got there. Just one of the many facts you’ll never hear from the media.

Anyway, a well known homeless person’s advocate stopped by for a visit which led to a discussion about the shocking amount of homeless people we notice in the Duluth area. She told us we are not imagining things, she’s been doing this work for quite a number of years and this is the worst she has ever seen it.

A couple stopped by with a generous non-perishable food donation and some frequent visitors from the alley dug through the coolers to see what there was to eat. One Occupier took the time to give a few people a ride to the top of the hill as they surely would not have been able to make it walking in the heat.

Talk turned to where we will be living when winter comes. Plans are being developed. Bye the way, our Occupier had her disorderly conduct charges dropped provided she doesn’t get into any “trouble” for a year. We wonder how much trouble the cop who attacked her will be able to get into.

After a few hours, most folks say goodnight and go off to soak their feet in the lake. One of the benefits of having less tourists this year is that we can soak our feet in our own lake.