G.A. Minutes 6-26-12

Many people at the G.A. tonight. Several folks from the alley neighborhood are attending for the first time.

The agenda was as follows: 1). Discussion of the need to formulate a drug and alcohol policy similar to the one we had at the Civic Center. We need to make it clear to any visitors that our camp is child friendly so all behavior needs to be appropriate to the needs of children. Our alley neighbors give us very helpful insights into this subject. 2). Discussion of the idea of providing an auxiliary tent for people not living in the camp so they can get a few hours of safe rest when needed. A mtg is scheduled for Wed. at noon to further discuss these 2 topics. 3). The Citizen Review Board currently coming up for a vote by the City Council on July 2nd at 7pm. 4). The need for all to be alert re: the behavior of the DPD in our neighborhood and the need to keep a record of any incidents of harassment towards ourselves and others living in our neighborhood. A mtg is planned for Fri. at 3pm to further discuss issues 3 and 4. 5). We are short on firewood and need donations. A tentative plan is made to go to an Occupier’s woodland cabin and harvest dead wood. 6). An Occupier has written several articles and plans to submit them for publication in local newspapers. A unanimous decision is made that the articles are good and should be published. 7). Another Occupier offers his services as a graphic artist. Perhaps we will create a Zine to be distributed throughout the neighborhood. The mtg is productive but lengthy and we’re tired. Time to get some rest and start another day.

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