General Assembly notes Tuesday April 24th 2012, 6pm Clayton Jackson McGhie memorial

20120420212024 General Assembly notes Tuesday 6pm Clayton Jackson McGhie memorial.

Lovely to meet at Six and still afternoon. Folks strolling along First Street in the warm sun, shadows cool and a light Lake breeze. There is a great feeling of peace, even joy in this warm place out of the wind. A feeling that things can be put right after all, rectified, set straight, made whole again, even so. Not really of course. What happened here is another human tragedy, written anew on top of a long and terrible history, and we may not have remembered had not this safe place been created for us all. The solemn three silent watchers lend a sense of the importance, good or ill, of small steps taken together by groups of determined people. We may or may not remember, or want to remember, but nothing, NOTHING is forgotten.

Present: Kathy, Jesse, Richard, Arizona Tyler, Mike, Verne, Reese, JD. Agenda: Foreclosure group report, Mayday actions, Really Really Free Market, Critical Mass.

Verne reported for the foreclosure group. Wells Fargo has still not come forward with a refinance agreement. The picket continues at noon to one every week day in front of their store on Superior Street. Take Action and other progressive groups have offered to join in. If the bank does not come forward with a reasonable solution, the present grave and solemn group of faces on the picket line will likely be replaced by younger activists and a wider variety of tactics. The next steps, if necessary, will be discussed at the Emerson Coop Potluck, 6pm Friday, as well as at the meeting which is scheduled for 7pm. Verne also told us a nation-wide action against Bank of America is building up to take place Wednesday May 9th. We in Duluth are not blessed by a local branch of BOA, but we can and will make our opinions known in public forum.

Jesse reported that a ton of people have expressed enthusiasm for the Mayday Action at Minnesota (People’s) Power Plaza, corner of Lake and Superior, noon to Late Night on Tuesday May 1st. Musicians and performing groups have signed on, and so many people have asked to speak that it may be necessary to request that speeches be limited to as little as three minutes so that everyone may have a turn at try rant. There will be food, information tables, discussions, activities for children, sign making, giant puppets, Spin Collective fire dances, and more.

In an aside, someone mentioned the news report that the Minnesota headquarters of the GOP is undergoing eviction from their downtown St. Paul offices, because they haven’t been able to pay their rent in the past eleven months. Possibly some misfortune befell them, an accident preventing them from work, or a critically ill child requiring expensive medical treatment. Whatever. The question is, should Occupy offer to help them fight off the eviction, or just stand around laughing and making funny faces?

Reese reported that one more Really Really Free Market is planned at the Paul Robeson Ballroom for the last Friday in April, on the 27th, from 11am to 3 pm. This action has been very successful, but needs more space, so the next RRFM will likely be held in a public venue, probably Leif Erickson Park.

Critical Mass Bike Ride is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm from the Minnesota (People’s) Power Plaza. Flyers were passed out to all bike riders and other interested persons at the Magic Smelt parade last Saturday. Jesse also reminded us of the Rise Like Lions showing Thurday April 26th at Zinema 2, 7pm, suggested donation $7.00, but no one will be refused entry if they can’t afford the ticket donation. Money collected will be split with Zinema, our half going to support Mayday Activities. Rise Like Lions is a really great documentary about the origins of the Occupy movement.

In other news, the Occupy vrs. Tea Party debate is still on the schedule, even though the Tea Party Leadership has refused to participate. They even pressured the Tea Party affiliated volunteer, who had agreed to the debate, causing him to drop his principles and flee in terror of actual facts presented in an open and reasonable manner.

Next General Assembly will be held on Saturday 28th of April 2012, 6pm at the Paul Robeson Ballroom and Courtyard. Meeting adjourned at about 6:49 pm.