Saturday April 7 GA at Paul Robeson Ballroom and courtyard

201204101612 Occupy Duluth General Assembly
Present: Henry, Richard, Scot, Matt, Justin, Jesse, Reese, Kathy, Lara, Mike.
Henry, a local talk show host, said he will promote the Mayday action if we write something up. He reminded us that the Tea party activists are having a rally on April 15th. We have some ideas in common about healthcare, military spending, and corporate persons, and it could be interesting for someone to attend their rally. See what they are doing, maybe even make some contacts.
Jesse said the Mayday action will be all day long on Tuesday May first, mainly at the People’s Power Plaza (Lake and Superior) but also there will be some short marches on the side. The main events at the Plaza include food, bands, speakers, and a day of peaceful enjoyment with friends.
Henry talked to us about last week’s Trayvon Martin memorial gathering at the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, First Avenue North and Second Street West. There were about one hundred fifty or two hundred people present, most all of them in hoodies. Not a bad turnout on two day’s notice. Henry commented that the concept of race is a construct, not a biological fact. In biology, there is only one race, that being Human. Unfortunately, for all the progress of the past forty years, there are still remaining disparities in regard to employment and economic advantage. Occupy works for tolerance and social justice, so it was a bit of preaching at the choir, but we were glad Henry came to hang with us for an hour.

Justin said there is a speaker scheduled at UMD Wednesday, 7 pm, in Kirby Commons to speak to the Palestinian issue.
Jesse said we have the Zinema theatre on April 26 at 7pm for a film to be announced. There is currently a glut of excellent video, but Jesse says Rise Like Lions, a vid about Occupy Wallstreet, is the likely main event.
Scot reminded us of the April 14th teach-in on non-violent civil disobedience from one to five at the Unitarian Universalist church. Pre-registration is requested.
Jesse said people should bring tents to the Plaza for Mayday. We hope for the open and warm discussion atmosphere from our occupation of the Civic Center to continue.

Next GA is Tuesday at 7 pm at the Paul Robeson Ballroom.