really really free market

The Really Really Free Market will be held the last Saturday of every month. The next one will be held at The Paul Robeson Ballroom and Courtyard, March 31st at 11am. Music, food will be provided but we encourage anyone with a skill that they can practice or teach to be a part of this and build community. Ideas include but obviously are not limited to, haircuts, musical instruments, composting, building a grey water system, credit scores, macroeconmics, storytelling, running a trap line, cooking bulk we cetera.

The Paul Robeson Ballroom is located at 132 E 1st St. The entrance is in the alleyway on the downton side of 2nd Ave E, the event runs until 4pm, community watch will be provided and identifiable by their neon vests.

Please read wih wikipedia article on really really free market and seqrch for thefacebook event. Urls to follow whenI’m not on a tablet.

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