I have a post from someone writing from waiting for approval. I don’t see anything to keep it from being approved….but I don’t know who the sender is and I am reluctant to approve anything that could possibly be a false flag hack action…………..However the post does contain a statement saying the writer “can understand why others might feel offended by what he (Richard) records (in the minutes).”

If anyone reading the minutes feels offended by what they find written there, I have an interest in hearing what they have to say. I need to know what, exactly, they find offensive. It is not my purpose in writing to offend anyone.

I would like to offer here a bit of philosophy…..1.) Occupy does not have official positions, and it does not have platform positions or other demands. I am not Secretary to any higher authority, but I record what I see and hear as an autonomous member of Occupy. 2.) Anyone is free to write and post their own record, only that they need to stand up and be known face to face as an actual physical human being with a verifiable name and reputation. 3.) If anyone disagrees with the factual content of my notes, please let me know so I can make any necessary corrections. While I am not interested in twisting the truth, I am not perfect and I do not always manage to capture it perfectly.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, we are engaged in a struggle to assert our Constitutional rights as American and World citizens. We are not building an organization and therefore have no interest in debateing parliamentary procedures. We do have anonymous enemies. Let’s not waste our time and energy snipeing each other over questions of power and authority. There is a lot of work to do.

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