general assembly minutes 3-10-12

Present: Mike, Jesee, Lara, Reese, Scott, Blake, Tyler, Matt, Adam, Emily, Drake
Agenda: Pro/cons of assertive action, report on the struggle against foreclosure, non-violent action training day, Mayday, RRFM, grant writing, March 14th.

Our discussion on our assertiveness resolved that we must downplay the bad image being generated by those who choose not to understand us or report on us honestly.

Foreclosue report: Ann Lockwood is doing well; the Dunbars, however, face a Sheriff’s Sale on March 24th, with the deadline for petition submission being March 19th. While many may try tell you that people facing foreclosure simply bit off more then they can chew, The Dunbar’s are an honest, hard-working family that has had that house in their family for 3 generations.  It is the Dunbar’s who have been subject to lazy, dishonest, and unethical banking practices by US BANK.  Please contact Adam or Tyler (2184612540)  for more petitions.

We will also be taking our opinions on the housing market in Minnesota, and its relationship to the jobs market, to the Duluth City Council meeting, Monday night at 7pm on the 3rd floor of the City Hall (the one the racists ran and hid in, we should ask for a smudging of the interior or something).  Please join us in support of HF 1886 and SF 1521, the Foreclosure Moratorium.

MaryAnn, however, a lady struggling with Hell’s Cargo, is facing a Sheriff’s Sale at the end of April, a sale that Hell’s Cargo (AKA Wells Fargo) is not legally required to notify MaryAnn of.  Furthermore, two days following her Sheriff’s Sale, the 3rd party investigation of the manner in which Hell’s Cargo handled her mortgage will wrap up two days following her sale.  Again, the investigation of MaryAnn’s mortgage and potential crimes committed by Hell’s Cargo will finish after the sale.

The next PSOH meeting will take place at Jitters on March 14th around 6PM, following the day’s rallies.

March 14th’s rallies include a 2PM rally at Duluth’s very own Obama for America office, located at 210 West Superior Street.  Organized by Lara and sponsored by Rebuild The Dream, please contact her for more information, this will be protesting the George-W-Bush appointed Edward DeMarco, head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.  There will also be a 5PM Project Save Our Homes Rally, please contact Tyler for more information.

There is going to be a non-violent protest training day on April 14th at 1pm, hosted by Tyler, Vern, and Scot at the Unitarian Universalist House of Worship.  Contact us for more information.

RRFM is going to have its 15 minutes of fame on Tuesday morning, at 8am on Northland Morning, 103.3

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