Occupy notes, Saturday March 17th 2012 2:00 pm
Paul Robeson Courtyard and Ballroom

From: Adam Ritscher

Hello comrades,

At today’s Occupy meeting we decided to try and put on a “Festival of the 99%” for May 1st. We put together a list of groups we’d like to invite to participate. We also decided to hold an open planning meeting on April 2 at 7pm to invite these groups, and anyone and everyone who would like to help put this together. Below is a sample letter that I was asked to write up that can be used for inviting groups to participate. Feel free to re-write it though, or use something completely different. The main thing is to give them an idea of what we want to do on May Day, invite them to participate, and also invite them to the April 2 planning meeting.

Regarding the planning meeting, we don’t have a venue for it. I’ve emailed and called Scot B. about using the Unitarian hall, and am waiting to hear back from him. We also decided that we should invite folks who can’t make the April 2 meeting to attend the April 14 non-violence training, where we can share our plans for May Day.

So, below is the sample letter. And beneath that is our list of groups to invite, and the folks who volunteered to contact them. I’ll let you know as soon as a venue for April 2 has been nailed down, and after that, we can start the tidal wave of invites!

Dear Socialist Action,

Spring is here, and what a wonderful time to re-commit ourselves to trying to make this world a better place! Towards that end, a group of us have come together to try and put together a “Festival of the 99%” on May 1st – May Day. Our goal is to bring together as wide an array as possible of progressive, activist and community groups and individuals for an evening of speeches, music, tabling, food, sharing experiences and networking other concerned citizens.

We would love it if your group would join us for this Festival! We value the work that you do, and would like to provide a venue for you to share it with others. Specifically, we’d like to invite you to send a speaker to talk about what your group is working on, to set up a table and to share word of this Festival with your membership.

We’re shooting to hold a planning meeting to flesh out the Festival idea on April 2 at 7pm. We understand how busy you are, and it’s by no means mandatory to attend this meeting to participate in the Festival. However, if you, or anyone from your group, would like to come and participate, that would be absolutely fantastic! The more people and ideas there, the better!

This Festival is still a work in progress, but we’re very much excited about it, and excited to have you join us! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise I hope to see you at the April 2nd planning meeting, and at May Day!

~Adam Ritscher
organizing committee for the Festival of the 99%
wainosunrise@yahoo.com – (715) 394-6660

-United Steelworkers Local 9460 (Adam)
-AFSCME Local 66 (Jesse)
-United Food & Commercial Workers (Adam)
-Duluth United for All Families (Jeff)
-YWCA (Tyler)
-YMCA (Tyler)
-Project Save Our Homes (Adam)
-Loaves & Fishes (Adam)
-Henry Banks (Jesse)
-UCC Peace Church (Adam)
-Unitarians (Jesse)
-Price of Peace Lutheran (Tyler)
-CSS Center for Just Living (Adam)
-UWS Amnesty International (Adam)
-CSS Amnesty International (Tyler)
-Duluth/Superior Amnesty (Adam)
-Twin Ports MoveOn (Lara)
-PAVSA (Kathy)
-CASDA (Adam)
-Gloria Day/Together for Youth (Jesse)
-Lifehouse (Kathy)
-Sustainable Farmers Association (Jesse)
-Food & Water Watch (Tyler)
-Respect Your Mother (Jeff)
-Fond Du Lac Band (Allen?)
-Protect Our Minomin (Allen?)
-UMD Americans Elect (Jeff)
-Carlton Co. Center Labor Body (Adam)
-Move to Amend (Lara)
-Duluth Human Rights Commission (Adam)
-Northland Anti-War Coalition (Adam)
-Break the Bonds Campaign (Adam)