Occupy Duluth GA Saturday February 7th 2012, Paul Robson Ballroom

201202081010 315 GA Tuesday February 7th 2012 Paul Robeson Ballroom
Present: Nadia, Kathy (Scribe), DJ, Mike, Reese, Jesse, Richard (notes), Matt.
Due to the small and familiar size of the group, we decided to suspend the usual rules of concensus, and proceed with today’s business conversationally.
Thursday trip to St. Paul plan report
Really Really Free Market report
Valentines Make-Out event report
Puppets working group report
Occupy The Hood Solidarity action proposal
Ballroom working group needs and fundraiser
Jesse reprted that the trip to St. Paul would commence with a training and tactics review session at the Labor Temple at 7:30 am. Two passenger vans and two cars will be leaving at 8:00 am, Scott and Allen driving the vans. For more information contact Allen. This action is in support of the SCSIU protest against legislation which would impose Voter ID requirements.
Reese reported on publicity for the RRFM on perfectduluthday and Craigslist. Jesse said an event invitation has been sent to about a thousand Occupy supporters and allies. Flyers are being prepared to poster and leaflet the neighborhood Reese said he will make a sign announcing the event, to be posted on the courtyard wall. Kathy asked about firewood for the campfires, and was reassured that it would be provided. Reese and Jesse agreed it should go on the needs list. Reese suggested people who are still not sure what a Really Really Free Market action is about. He suggested looking it up on Wikipedia, which has a really good article. Events are held world-wide on the last Saturday of every month. Bring good useful items you no longer need or want, choose what you need or want among the items other people bring, and no dumping. If you bring something and no one wants it, take it with you when you leave.
Jesse reported that Make Out Not War actions with puppets and props and street theatre will be playing in traffic at or near the civic center and on the road to the Plaza on the 14th from 4:30 to 6 pm. A fire pit will be provided for comforting cold demonstrators. Allen has agreed to arrange two playful speakers to address the maddening crowds at the plaza. Jesse is hoping someone will provide hot beverages and soup whatnot to comfort the hungry and thirsty demonstrators, who can be expected to need to recover from the frenzied parade activities. Flyers are being prepared.
The meeting was then interrupted by someone pounding on the door, someone evidently ignorant of the secret codes. Jesse went to see who it was. Fortunately it was not the police or homeland security, but a supporter delivering a gift of old newspapers. This person was greeted warmly and thanked enthusiastically, and the newspaper will be mache’d into puppet flesh by the puppet working group.
Nadia suggested a possible opportunity for action in support of the Occupy The Hood protests being planned for late February by Occupy Minneapolis. The plan is for a spoken word and music event at a café or bar, with outreach to communities of color. Watch this space for further details TBA.
Matt suggested we look into the possibility of showing movies at Leaf Ericson park, or alternately, on the wall of our building, to be viewed from the parking lot.
The conversation then turned to Ballroom needs and fundraising. Reese said we need to maintain open hours so people can always find us. He said he can be available between the hours of 12 and 4 pm. He also described a website named Kickstarter which acts as a host for fundraisers. Other sites are also available for the same purpose. There are also alternatives to the Assange treacherous Paypal, something named like “Payme” or “Mypay” or “Billme”, look it up yourself, I’m not your google slave. Some discussion of handling funds ensued. This discussion reflected the usual Occupy disdain for the capitalist economic system, except we still need some stuff…….like heat, light, and water hookups for the Ballroom, money for the camp phone bill, money for the Portapotty, and further projects such as a composting toilet. Reese suggested looking for cheaper telephone service. Several plans were discussed. Matt suggested a signup sheet on the door, where members can volunteer to open the ballroom for funny business. Reese said he can open the ballroom between 12 and 4 a couple days a week. Other members mumbled about their disposable personal discretion hours, and in usual Occupy fashion, it was consensed not to be too controlling in trying to define and then fill every slot, but to let it happen as people volunteer for hours, then try to cover the empty spaces.
Meeting adjourned at about 7:30 pm, but discussions continued as members broke up and reassembled in ad hoc committees for smoke and joke in the courtyard.
Next meeting: Wednesday 12-4 for the puppet working group, contact Richard at 830 0109. Thursday 7:30 am at the Labor Temple for the trip to St.Paul, contact Allen. Next GA is Saturday at 2:00 pm at the Paul Robeson Ballroom.

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