GA Minutes, Jan. 31st 2012

20120201 Occupy GA minutes from Tuesday January 31st 2012 6pm
Present: Jesse, Kathy, Cynthia, Reese, Matt, Lara, Mike N., John, Richard. Bill and Philloneous joined late.
Agenda: Really Really Free Market February 25th
Skywalk access
Banner working group report
Bike Collective and critical mass
Puppets Street Theatre working group report
Respect Mother Earth announcement
Electricity for M.O.M. D.A.D.
Trip to St.Paul on the 9th of February
Reese spoke to us on Really Really Free Market plan for February 25th, from 11:00am to 4:00pm. The idea is that people gather to participate in a gift economy event, like a flea market only without the cash. People bring good things they are willing to donate, and then can select from the things other people brought.
Matt brought up the fact that Skywalk maintenance men have been harassing and escorting poor-looking people to the door. Since the skywalk is built with city funding and permits, all citizens should have equal access. Matt said he found out that the Duluth Downtown Waterfront District is the management agency for the skywalk system. Someone commented that even customers of Pizza Luce have had trouble with low level skywalk employees keeping them from using the restrooms. Kathy said we need to find out what actual written policy is on access, and also contact relevant City employees who may have some control over Janitors who ursurp powers normally reserved to trained and certified Police Officers. The matter was then tabled until further information can be collected, and it was placed on next meeting agenda.
Kathy reported for the banner working group. Justin Anderson is designing the layout and hopes to have some samples ready by Saturday’s GA. Matt commented that if we are going to have website information on the banner, we should make sure it is a website which we can fully control. To do this we need to have our own domain name. Lara said we should all think of phrases we would like to have on a banner and bring suggestions to GA on Saturday. She asked suggestions keep in mind we will want the banner to still represent our group for a good long time.
Jesse said a critical mass bike ride is being planned for every last Friday of the month.
Lara said we should aim to have puppet street theatre actions every week. Richard, John, Jesse, Lara and Kathy said they will have a working group meeting on Thursday February 2nd at 5pm.
Cynthia reported that there is a planning meeting for the Respect Mother Earth day event. The event will be held on July 25th. The immediate goal will be to raise funds, and the Old Man Winter Poetry Slam and fundraising auction will be held on March 16th. For more information, go to the Respect Mother Earth website.
M.O.M. D.A.D. camp II working group discussed utilities for our Occupied building. Richard agreed to call Eric and request a meeting.
Jesse reported for the February 9th Action to protest the Minnesota Voter ID law which is now before the State Legislature. A meeting to plan the action will be held at 6 pm on Monday February 6th.
Lara motioned to adjourn at 8:30. Happy Happy!

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