GA minutes for Tuesday 21 February

201202211800 Tuesday 21 February 6pm Paul Robeson Ballroom General Assembly minutes
Present: Mike, Reese, Alan, Paul, Lara, Jesse, Carl, Richard, Kathy, Matt.
We sang Happy Birthday for Kathy, out of tune, in several different keys and a variety of rhythms. It sounded truly horrible and Kathy was suitably embarrassed. She is sixty and one this year.

Pauls first time at a GA, He is particularly interested in actions against the white supremracist rally, which has been reported in the Duluth News Tribune as planned to take place on 3 March 2012 at 10am at the civic center. He supports the idea of a pledge drive, funds to be given to YWCA, with pledges by local businesses and organizations to donate some amount of money for every minute that the rally continues. The longer they rally, the more funds are raised for a cause they detest. Jesse noted that we have a working group focusing on this, with a central hillside door knocking campaign to invite everyone to come to a 10 am counter-rally picnic at the People’s Power Plaza at the corner of Lake and Superior, food music cheeky signage and slogun yelling. Speakers will be asked to attend and address the burgeoning crowds. Matt reminded us that the supremracists do not limit their icky-poo-poo-face actions to race. He commented that our focus needs to be on racism, not on the racists themselves.

Jesse said people who do not have bicycles but still want to participate in Friday’s critical mass bike ride can get a loaner bike from The Bike Cave collective/cooperative whatever. They are willing to loan ten or more bikes on the promise to return them in good condition. The Bike Cave is currently located at Loaves and Fishes.

Reese has been remodeling the kitchen. Eric R. and Doug M. have made counter tops and other items available from Bayside Warehouse. Reese asked for help with the project, moving materials and organizing corners. Kathy suggested the plastic enclosure be left in place, used for storage of items that are not for give away at the free market. Someone noted that the RRFM is on a Saturday, and are we going to have Saturday GA as usual? Impossible. So, we agreed to the suggestion that we have a casual gathering around the campfire in the courtyard after the market closes.

Alan reported on finances……Valerie, who was treasurer for Camp M.O.M. D.A.D. (before it was ripped apart and/or wrecked or stolen by a gang of thugs from the city police department) reports that our funds need to find a new home, as Valerie now has more pressing interests. We need to find a new treasurer. And we need to find cash to fund our nefarious fun-making activities. Maybe some of the Camp M.O.M. D.A.D. supporters will help out with donations, even though we have temporarily abandoned the civic center. Our costs now include the restoration of heat, light, and water utilities to Paul Robeson Ballroom (please help if you can).

Scott (could not be here, because of his singing) wanted us to address the upcoming Mayday activities. Occupy has called for a general strike, no work no school no shopping, and several major-city occupy groups have endorsed. People nationwide and in Dululth are rising up to back the general strike. The blogosphere is agog. Jesse suggested plastering the town with wheat paste posters and banner drops. He said we should watch for other groups planning activities, and delegate a member to coordinate. Kathy was concerned because she has a job working to provide health care for low income people, who really have a desperate need to be served. Reese pointed out that it is traditional in general strikes to arrange for people in critical service jobs to continue their good work.

The meeting adjourned at about 7:35 pm.

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  1. I strongly believe that we should not engage, or even recognize the existence, of the racist group coming to Duluth on 3/3 in any way, but a peaceful assembly at Lake and Superior to honor the fight against bigotry would be appropriate (and welcome). Racist groups thrive on attention; let’s not give them any, and let’s instead create a gathering that the press can cover as an alternative to the racists. I’ve learned that candle lighting (weather permitting, unless someone has a bunch of LED candles)and bell ringing is a good visual/audio for the press and tends to help a crowd focus on non-violence.

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