Essential Labor Body/Polymet:
Adam: Central Labor Body passed a statement to disassociate themselves from the
occupy Duluth. Labor is a crucial ally for foreclosure events. We should send a
statement that acknowledges the disagreement on the issue. “Occupy the high ground.”
Jay expresses a sad octopus regarding the organized statement, Jesse agrees. He believes
this is what got us in trouble in the first place. In MNprogressive.org, there was a blog
Tyler: CEO in the Central Labor body Daniel O’Neill says we are lacking rigid
Jennifer: Statements are there so the man. can play with our words.
Lara: After seeing the way the Labor works, she disagrees with the statement.
Adam: it’s fine if we don’t issue a statement, just a three-sentence response saying “we
agree to disagree, let’s still be friends?” Gives a position for someone to report on, so
we can have a voice within the Labor publications/papers.
Justin H: All this information is coming from online media. This is
all generated from a misconception; we were against Polymet, not the whole mining
Jennifer: It sucks, but politics are politics.
Lara: agrees with the concrete statement that can be published, but advocates face-to-face
discussions and relations.
Temperature: A short statement: agree to disagree statement, let’s move on and support
the topics we agree upon.
Passed, yet one sad octopus is Jay.
Group: Adam, deadline for the Labor paper? He doesn’t know.
Jay: Eventually they will see our support,
Jesse: I would rather demonstrate with my actions than be caught up in a statement
drafted by someone else.
Adam/ Guy/Tyler: this can be a good marketing opportunity. People will see our website
at the bottom of page.
Justin: Someone could write whatever he or she wants, if we don’t have something nice
to say.
Cathy: should be real interesting, Dan is a personal friend. She’s gunna check that out.
Justin H: Let’s take the high ground, we’ve got nothing but love.
It is what it is and we’re still here.
Adam: He can’t promise coverage, but they will most likely be sympathetic. This isn’t
against mining. We can write letters-to-the editors about Polymet, maybe they’ll
publish it.
Tyler: The editor wanted to give us, over the course of six months, the entire $ for a year.
Jesse: avoid statements that include “occupy.”
Tyler: the Labor can quote the Occupy’s General Assembly of this date.
Jesse: Let’s move away from the word occupy, perhaps general assembly or we: group
Guy: Journalist tends to shorten things.

Jennifer: The General Assemble of this date.
Adam: I can tell them that the wording is very specific.
Adam: let’s not slam the door.

Temperature check: on the statement: Unanimous octopi.

Ely, MN:
Jay: County Board Meeting this Tuesday @ 9 a.m., this weeks meeting was shelved.
Polymet seemed frustrated during the last meeting, so we might have got them. We are
trying to educate some people up there about what is going on. They’re being tactically
bastards, thus far.
Guy: This was recorded on public access media; we could find it and put it online.
Adam: He swears there is another occupy in Ely. Is there someone trying to make a
website of all the occupations in MN?
Cathy: There is just a list.
Justin: Morse Town Hall in Ely, MN. Nathan is not the supervisor in Ely. It’s not an Ely
issue, but a county issue.
Girl: BWCAW blogs don’t want “us” there, it seems like the people
Tyler: let’s wait and then sign-in, we let them have their two-cents and we also get to
Jennifer: Car-pool for people who want to go?
Justin H: I have a vehicle, but I don’t have gas money it would take $60. I only intend to
provide a vessel.
Lara offers her car $40. Tyler and Jonathan are down to take her car.
Jesse: We should dip into the funds to pay for this trip?

Temperature check: We should dip into the funds to pay for this trip? YES.

Jennifer: should we leave at six-thirty? (It’s a two-hour drive) I’ve got friends that we can
stay with on Monday night. She’ll talk with the buddies.
Tyler: let’s move people to the other car. Six people plan to occupy the board meeting.
Jennifer: let’s move this car-pool discussion to facebook.
Cathy donated $20 for gas
Jesse: do we have access to the funds?
Drake: treasurer’s got the moolah.
Justin: we can move this discussion to the Saturday G.A.

Temperature Check on moving on? YES.
Jesse: contact other occupations for solidarity in Van Couver and other areas where
Polymet is based.

PREPOSAL: The G.A. Saturday @ 2p.m. in Wells Fargo Skyway
Temperature check: on one-o-clock: agreed!
PREPOSAL: The G.A. Saturday @ 1 p.m. in Wells Fargo Skyway

Temperature check: on a G.A. everyday?

Jesse: Anniversary on the 17th (we started in Sept.) people should be aware, Pickett.
Allan talked about doing stuff concerning storage this Saturday.
Justin: will there be a space to occupy (preface the arrest) for my friends who are
planning on visiting.

Tyler: Allan’s people are based out of the cities and they can provide bail money.
Lara: Pickett all day, ‘veryday.

Meeting tomorrow at seven. Updates?
Adam: Dana and Vern have divided up the names on the foreclosure list to get some
people. We now have two women, one from Superior and one from Duluth. World
traveling human rights advocates had a working group earlier this week, “ways of
formulating the issues and tactics” 20 people were there, everyone but two, signed up
on a list. List was cut in half: one to work directly with these women and the other
for the event coming up. We want to support and have a public campaign. We should
introduce the issues to the media, tent encampment on their yards (check with the
neighbors) afterwards we would announce a big, open event on this issue. We would
like much endorsement so it might become a news worthy event. Next step: petition
drive to demand that the banks don’t foreclose. We want immediate pressure on the
bank when we have this publicity. We need more people. The lawyers say we’ve got a
Next meeting: tomorrow @ 7p.m. Peace Church. Show up and look for us. Justin and
Jennifer have joined the email list.
Noel: there are more than two women; the encampment is just one idea.
Adam: the encampment will be in February. We were just meeting after the G.A.’s, but
the times will be posted on Facebook. All contact information is on facebook.
Tyler: we should keep the foreclosure projects secretive.
Noel: both of the women want this to be public.

Temperature check: Moving on? Unanimous octopi.

University of Minnesota Duluth Occupy:
Justin: There is an event tomorrow night at six (‘til ten) at the Kirby Student Lounge.
There will be presentation/materials answering what are Occupy and the Solidarity
movement. Talk about the issue and get people involved. He and Jeff have been tabling
this week. Open-mic: anything musically related to Occupy. He wants a normal forum/
soapbox for about an hour. A demo G.A.: hand-signals, facilitation, etc…
Tyler: Lara, Noel, Allan
Noel: There is a Foreclosure work group at seven tomorrow, so I can’t go.
Lara: Facilitation, Wall Street and D.C. experience
Jay: Polymet
Cathy: maybe the students won’t be interested in Polymet (yes they will).
Justin requests a general positive feel during the presentations; let’s try to avoid conflict.
This event is registered. Dragons are like the bouncers and we got them. The future still

holds “Dance, dance, revolution.”
Jay: we could have dance marathon.
Justin: This is to get people’s awareness so we can host a big event in the springs.

Temperature check: moving on?
Let’s go.

Space Planning:
Jonathan: where shall we occupy?
Jesse: I think the police’s budget is wasted, because of the New Year’s drunken madness.
I think we should occupy the shit out of something; the Civic Center.
Jennifer: Does Occupy have a plan for New Years?
Justin H: I have 15 really big stinky blankets and five sleeping bags. Do you want them
Jesse: We could occupy the strip club (big with the art and music culture)

Temperature check: can we shelf this for another time, when people have suggestions?

Jesse: we need a place for New Years, we should lock shit down this time.
Jennifer: let’s create an Oregon train around the civic center, or make a blockade on a
street and have a two-hour dance party on the street (move the cars when the cops show
up and continue to party).
Justin: Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject of people barricading themselves in
a building?
Cathy: it makes sense for this time in the year.
Lara: Let’s move this idea of New Years occupation to Saturday’s G.A. Let’s have parks
and places in our minds so we can relocate once they bust us. Create a running list.
Debb Holman knows where those spots might be.

Temperature check: shelf this? Yes.

Tyler: PROPSAL: Let’s read notes from prior meeting. Agreed.
We need to get more focused,

Tyler: Who cares about the Facebook page, how Dan did it should be discovered (He
has texts as evidence against Dan), but we have occupy.org. We’re fine. He’s been in
Contact with Jacob Sullivan, he found Dan on a gaming forum.
Justin: my vibe from Jacob is positive, he is a positive member of the group, and he
should have a position within the group. Like moderating the FB group.
Cathy: this was handled quite well; we would have lost half the group back in the ‘60s
and the maturity level impressed her and with also the peace keeping that occurred.
Justin: Occupy St. Cloud, which is starting up, is having issues with keeping the peace.
We should help. Send ‘em a letter or something.

Justin H: should we moderate it or abandon it?
Lara: we’ll keep the Facebook presence and have a meeting with administration. I’ll have
something figured out by Saturday.

Warm and Full Food Drive:
Justin H: Interfaith Outreach Program based in Wayzata, MN. Food shelves want
food. Let’s start a Gluten free food shelf. It will bring peace to many people. He has
contacted the Salvation Army and, fuck ‘em, they are given rotten food to the poor (he
speaks from personal experience). He’s talking with the student government at the CSS
and he needs our help. People who have put support on it are waiting. Joel is going to
be the best resource and he realizes that.
Lara: we should form a concrete work group to get meetings going. Let’s get some actual
meeting times outside of the G.A. The group can come up with a plan and then brig it
to the G.A.
Jesse: this process will become clearer after we establish a mysterious space on Saturday.
Justin H: I need help with food, as well. Bridget said she could help.

Camp Stuff:
Lara: update there’s an appointment scheduled for pick-up between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. on
the 28th and she’s in need of a truck.
We have volunteers for transportation.

Jesse: Noon on Friday (16th) there will be caroling (rewritten holiday songs) outside
of Karvock’s office, it’s the civic center federal building. It’s Allan’s thing. More
information will be provided on Facebook.
Justin H: We need to work through the shtuff. It needs to be us versus them ”. We need to broaden our horizons.

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