Occupiers rebuttal to DPD statment issued 11.16.11

Occupy Duluth would like to first sate that we stand in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the movements in cities across the globe.  It should however, be expressly stated that we are NOT a political or social organization, nor are we aiming to trump any other movement or cause. This is a movement FOR and BY the people.  The people are not “camping”. Rather, this is an encampment of citizens assembling to petition our redress of grievances. We would like to ask; where are the people able to assemble to petition our government when no adequate space has been provided for us? It should also be noted that there is no curfew on our Constitution. 

 We would like to remind the DPD and City of Duluth officials about the conversation that went on in the Occupy Duluth living room on 11.07.11. This is when and where the concerns addressed in the statement presented to the 99% during our General Assembly on 11.16.11 were already discussed. The occupiers are well aware of and addressing these stated concerns, taking it upon ourselves in full self awareness – outside of your suggestions – to implement our own plans to address our safety as well as the well-being of our community and its land.  

 We would like to remind our officials that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and therefore overrides local ordinances and laws. We will not easily comply with obtaining a permit to assemble. We will adamantly stand by the fact that we have the inalienable constitutional right to do exactly what we are doing here. If a permit is to be something that we must obtain, we will need to meet with the City of Duluth to clearly define and discuss the ramifications of said permit. We will NOT pay you for this permit if it is to be acquired. You have been appointed and paid for, by the people to serve and protect their rights. We implore you to keep this in the forefront of your minds when addressing your concerns and misguided demands.

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  1. You wrote: “The people are not “camping”. Rather, this is an encampment of citizens assembling to petition our redress of grievances.”

    Yet time after time you refer on this website to fellow Occupy people as “campers”. Including the above statement.

    A place with temporary accommodations consisting of huts or tents, typically for troops or nomads.
    The process of setting up a camp.

    You cannot pick and choose what you like and dislike in the constitution. Wrap yourself in it one minute and then throw it out the next.

    I see nothing whatsoever in it about economic equality, yet isn’t that a huge part of why you are doing this?

    The intent of the founders and the constitution was to put the power and liberty with the people and the states, not into a large centralized government.

    I hear this movement railing against government, yet embracing everything and everyone associated with more government control.

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