General Assembly 11-22-11

General Assembly 11-22-11


Facilitating: Tyler Nord, Tiffany Lee, Nadia Labyad

Taking minutes: John

Location: Skywalk in front of the Wells Fargo Building

Summary of Proposals Passed, Key Announcements, and To Do’s Agreed Upon


1)   Agreed to make a list of goals for Robert Lillegard’s interview.

2)   We agreed to keep tomorrow’s GA at the Civic Center lawn at 7pm.

3)   Support an indigenous rights solidarity march with members of the Native community starting at 11:45 at Bentlyville and marching to the civic center for a discussion.

4)   We agreed to a vigil tonight at 12am to show defiance. That were are not going away, and we will not give up so easily.

5)   Gathering some volunteers on Thanksgiving to volunteer at the DECC free community thanksgiving dinner.

6)   Pass out flyers with information as to why you should boycott Black Friday.


To Do

  • An indigenous rights solidarity march with the Native community TOMORROW starting at 11:45 at Bentlyville and marching to the civic center for a discussion.
  • Connect with Vern Simula or use the Budgeteer about connecting with a family who’s home is being foreclosed and attempt to help.
  • GA tomorrow at the civic center lawn at 7pm


Direct Action


A)   A list of goals from the group for Robert Lillegard’s interview.

  • Fight foreclosures, homelessness and lack of jobs (all three are connected.)
  • Cost and quality of education and, student loan forgiveness.
  • End Corporate Personhood and support Move to Amends’ bill to do so.
  • Support Protect Our Manoomin
  • Uphold the validity and importance of the Constitution.
  • Oppose pointless wars in other countries that only serve the interests of corporations and the politicians that they own.

B)   Collect signatures to help support Move to Amend.   We can print these off and canvas neighborhoods.

C)   Volunteer (while wearing Occupy Duluth shirts, thank you Aaron) at the community thanksgiving dinner at the DECC. Sign up will be on the website

D)   Pass out flyers to those waiting in line on black Friday as to why they should not participate.  It was decided that these should be gentle to the shoppers and hard on the corporations. For example that they have pushed the start time earlier every year so employees can’t spend time with families because it’s mandatory that they work.

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