GA Minutes 11-25-11

November 25, 2011

Big Ass Circle in the DECC

General Assembly

Facilitation staff/ approved by GA:

Jonathan- minutes

Facilitator: Jonathan

Co-facilitation: ? everyone?


Friday GA locations

Outside bus stop @ 11 am, door 8.

`Matt_- Does our phone tree exists? Can it be online?

`I feel it would be too open to post everyone’s number online. We can look at emails.

Future GA locations

`Matt – Do we have something to depend on as far as location?

`Jonathan- No, but it is open to discussion today and Saturday.

Retrieval of our personal affects from the 5-0.

Monday GA @ Police Station in hopes they relinquish our belongings and donations. Time determination tabled to Saturdays GA

Henry Banks

ACLU – searching for local contact

`Richard will follow up.

Megan will return with info from ACLU/MnclU

`Matt-Police served no paperwork regarding confiscation of personal effects.

`Jesse – prolific moments of our week.

`Jesse- Anishinabe ceremony and smudging that followed.

`Richard- Morning after they took down our camp I saw Jesse curled on the ground.

`Cathy- This moment right now I think. We are warm, I can see you all without hats and scarves, sometimes for the first time.

Direct Action

Police Station on Monday for GA time tba

Working on getting our belongings back from the police.

Melanie Ford is interested in our case-further clarification needed

Proposal: Teach in on how to be prepared for tense moments with the police. Civil Disobedience, and How to Be Prepared.


Motion to close


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