GA minuets 11-23-11

November 23, 2011

Place of little Passage or Civic Center

General Assembly

Facilitation staff/ approved by GA:

Jonathan- minutes

Facilitator: Nadia

Co-facilitation: Jesse and Lara

Stack: Bridget


Run through of proposed agenda items

Lara: Proposal: Follow stated agenda and then open floor to additional agenda items

Jesse: Proposal amendment: Let the GA decided if we run through individual proposals and announcements before proceeding with said agenda.

Temperature check on amended proposal- HOT

Dennis: Proposal: Can we start a sub group committed to national action and movements?

Passed with consensus

`Brent supports the national connection

`Dennis needs a better way to connect

`Cathy –

`Lara – Individual and group expeditions to other occupations is a great way to reach out to the national movement. Great way to network face to face.

~Small group will meet after GA to start planning, strong support

Moved to next discussion point through temp check: HOT

`Brent – Addressing Facebook and his activity. “I feel like responding with harsh word to a group of people on fb. What should I do?”

`Malory- 99% is a lot of people. We need to include.

`Dennis- We don’t have much control over fb. “People are shitting in the punch bowl.”

`Robert-“Don’t feed the trolls.”

Point of Info-Jesse- Just a reminder that we are all facilitators and are encouraged to respond.

`Rajeev- What is the point of fb?

`Lara-Information, message, and was started with maybe a little too much rash excitement.

`Malory-Fan base page gives more freedom to dictate what goes on.

`Jesse-“burn facebook”

~Many twinkles

Proposal: 2 pages, 1 will be intended for updates and the like, 2 will be more for conversation, and will be a new page connected to occupytwinports.

PASSED by consensus

Next agenda item- consensus to move forward

Indoor GAs

`Every single day and at different times.

`Scott-2-3x a week

`Malory-Discussion 3 days, official GA other 3 days

`Jesse-“I like you all so let’s spend time together in a place where people don’t like us.” That is kinda the point.

`Lara- Having one everyday encourages people to stay involved in this time of transition where we lack a gathering space

Point of Process: Where can we go?

Proposal: Wednesday @ 7pm & Saturday @ 2pm GA- keep these times but discuss alternate indoor locations

Temp check: HOT

Proposal: Saturdays GA be held at the Wells Fargo skywalk @ 2pm

PASSED by consensus


Proposal: For other GA’s (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun)- we can decide the location of the following days meeting during the then current GA. Until we come up with concrete ideas of viable alternative in-door spaces.


Proposal: collect ideas for indoor GA spaces and address them at this Saturday’s GA @ Wells Fargo

Temp check to table: HOT

Proposal: Thursdays GA be held after (@4pm) DECC Thanksgiving dinner, in the DECC skywalk

Temp check: HOT

GA THANKSGIVING DAY – 4pm near the “Big Ass Circle” straight down from the downtown skywalk or enter the Lakeside Harbor Convention Center doors and walk up the staircase.  Listen for “Mike Check” and other tomfoolery.

Meet 11am @ the DECC to volunteer in 99% T-shirt or mindset.

Temp check on moving forward with agenda: HOT

Community Space Project

`Lara-We have our eyes on a space, it is something we cannot speak of at this time, due to the tentative and sensitive nature of the location. We will discuss this much more openly when things have been solidified.

`Jonathan-The place needs lots of love before it will be functional. We need volunteers to keep the locale under the wraps and do some cleaning up of the space and its contents. There will be sign up info available soon.

`Jay-I think we should talk to Tony (Keuhn-ah) and Zeppa as space options

Consensus reached to continue with further agenda points.

Treasury – $ is in Mallory’s bank account and it could be collected on taxes/send up red flags to the IRS.


Proposal: Can we put the $ in with Veterans for peace or AIWC?


`Jesse- “It’s a box to put our $ in. That’s all.”

`Nadia- We-pay account possibilities

`Vern-Checks need to be writable to occupy Duluth

Proposal: Look into $ being held in either account.

PASSED in consensus

Foreclosure: Working on a date for teach-in with Brett Thiele & Mayra Gomez

Saturday December 3rd – community outreach @ Noon, Public Library.  This will be a space to meet and hear the stories of people being foreclosed upon.

*Sandwiches were promised at this event for the families.


Forum on Sunday @ Unitarian Church (9am.) between UMD and Scholastica

Consensus to continue with final formal agenda point

Direct Action

Thanksgiving –

10 am – London Rd Perkins / Meeting for Move2Amend group starting in Duluth, with Nathan Ness.

11 am. – Meet to volunteer at the Decc until 4 pm

4 pm – GA around “Big Ass Circle”

Black Friday

Flyers would be great to hand out- some may be made available on our webpage’s for printing- if you make some please contact communications via fbook or the site

Camping in front of retail stores promoting Occupy from tents while building community in lines for consumerist bs.

Zombie march in the mall @ 9 am / Meet outside Yonkers just before 9am Friday morning

Tabled direct actions:

Make out not War- Feb 14th

Port plug- more research

Anti-Christmas and/or revolution caroling

Motion to close meeting- temp check- HOT

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