Eviction Discussion – PRESS RELEASE

WHAT: An Invitation to the entire community of Duluth to assemble for a facilitated discussion on Constitutional Rights and the Occupy Movement

WHEN: Thursday, November 17, 7 PM

WHERE: Duluth Civic Center

CONTACT: Cole Maki, simplephreedom@gmail.com, 218-591-1332

Sponsored by Occupy Duluth

This press release is to serve as a City-Wide Call to Democratic Participation.. a call for ALL Duluthians to gather for a facilitated discussion on constitutionally protected rights and the Occupy Movement.  At 7pm on November 17, Duluthians; of all view points, are asked to gather to discuss questions of First Amendment violations as it relates to the eviction of Occupy encampments across the country. As part of this dialogue, discussion is encouraged about the potential eviction of the Duluth-based Occupy camp, known as MOM/DAD standing for Mass Occupation Movement/Duluth Autonomous District.  –

For those wondering why an urgent city-wide discussion is needed regarding our constitutional rights, here is a segment of a civil rights complaint filed with the Department of Justice on November 10, 2011 in response to the increasing antagonism of police against peaceful protesters

It is our contention, that “we the people” have the right to Occupy public spaces, and to peaceably assemble, as we seek this redress. This symbolic vigil, is an expression of our First Amendment rights..This expression is in the form of constant attendance by voluntary representatives of the people, maintaining this presence 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. This applies to each State and Local government. It is clear to anyone, given the context offered herein: that this first amendment is being violated by state, and local governments, all across the United States of America, in relation to the Occupy Movement.

It has been witnessed that actions of police brutality, meant to intimidate the attendees of these vigils have been perpetrated. There are images arising in the media, and excessive shows of force can be researched by anyone with an internet connection. There has been use of force, non lethal weapons, bulldozers to drive crowds out of places of Occupation and physical contact to peaceful voices of protest. These respective local governments have attempted to dismantle the petitioning of the government, in this symbolic expression of vigilance. The authorities have changed regulations and are invoking curfews, and other obscure regulations in and attempt to force the Occupy movement to disband, or be arrested. These curfew regulations were passed after the First Amendment and herefore are subject to be overridden by the First Amendment.

Whether you agree, disagree or just need more information, please join your community in discussion this Thursday at 7pm.

Winterization Teach In Notes

head covered while sleep – not mouth!

condensation and sweat in sleeping bag will create cold.

-pair of slippers and fleece pants that stay in sleeping bag.

clean clothes

wool NOT cotton

loose layers


hypothermia symptoms:

core temp gets cold. falls below a point youll get very sick

signs: shivering is first thing – not bad, a good sign you’re keeping warm, if you sop shivering and then start again then stop and get comfortable, YOU’RE GETTING HYPOTHERMIC (many are found, DEAD, naked b/c they’ve started to “feel” warm and stripped when realy have been freezing), blue lips and fingernails, circulation pulls within your core away from your extremities, mainly confusion.

UMBLES = BAD (fumble, mumble, stumble, tumble)


almost all hypothermic victims are also dehydrated. stay hydrated. get free water everywhere you go.


get a thermos clipped to yourself.


buddy system – keep an eye on each other. RULE: no one sleeps alone.


Allen’s gotta run, POI: consolidate tent – exactly what that will look like and what we’re willing to get away with.

Francios -20 cold moves in.

Pallets off the ground.

1 comforter under bed 2 on top. socks, cap, sweater,

heat up rock on stove and roll in bed before getting in. hot water bottles, tomorrow’s clothes with you or under.


wrap jacket around legs, garbage bags may help.

silver solar blankets under or over tent will help.


insulation works by trapping air. thick blankets next to you, airy on top (don’t compress airy insulation)


which is more effective; individual zipped bags or 3-5 under conjoined blankets?

-strip down and pile layers on top and get friendly.



Liner – piece of cloth about 6” from side of structure to create air pocket that goes all the way around to the ground to prevent draft.


high calorie snack before bed.


melting snow vs. melting ice: snow has more volume and takes much more space to melt.


Original equipment – YOUR BODY. do jumping jacks, move around if you’re cold, eat food=calories=heat.

splitting wood: oak, maple, ash for great coals burns slow. pallets okay. we have a chainsaw.

-county land wood $10 permit

-Jennifer’s land owners may offer wood to be collected

*proposal for wood splitting committee – GA

*fire watch

-fire extinguisher, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.


grab a sign and run around the block on superior on the hour.


peeing during the night is an issue. drink during the day. early afternoon stop/slow down. get to know your body.

-pee bottle in your tent/bag.

-females: let’s make some p-wizzles.

DON’T SPILL IN YOUR BAG cuz you’ll lose a lot of heat.


Snows a lot – which is our forecast.


union donated tent is small = 10×12

– elevated floor

loft sleeping layers


whatever we come up with

plan for safety and comfort primary concern over city’s.

-get it figured out and tell the city what we need not other way around.




20 bales to work with if desired

don’t want to alienate anyone

wrap bales in plastic


alcohol and tobacco will take away from your warmth.


sleeping bag moisture. if you’re taking a night off/day off take your sleeping bag somewhere to air out and dry off – all gear; boots, socks, liners, clothes.


woodstove – a lot of sparks come out. small space and a lot of materials.


plastic bags over socks within boots – great idea, but seals in moisture and risks trenchfoot so, be sure to dry out. newspaper (5-6 sheets) in bottom of boot helps.

keep in mind more homeless may be coming to join us because we have skills, shelter, supplies. we will have limited space but none of us want to turn anyone away.


felt insoles.

Jennnifer can do a felting workshop (carded wool is cheap, wet felting is quick)*Dec. 10

boot insoles, mittens, carpets,

do we know anyone who will donate carded wool?


homeless not a problem, drunks a problem



are we going to improve these structures?

these two tents side by side and tarping from tree down over them.


you gentlemen, how do you think we should re-organize? *city said 1 warming tent

they are going to demand things we cannot give them if we’re going to stay here.

these structures won’t stand up to our snow storms. bearing load for house 42lb/sq.ft.

high pitch and push broom for snow removal

insulation: liner, mount snow around, build snow wall wind barrier will really help, be off the ground with pallets and wool carpet (stove) felt

build! plywood sandwich foam.

our safety should we defy? perpetual fine? according to code it should be fine.

*get contractors

heather will find city codes

contact sheet has contractors, builders union has offered support.

*get code (how many homes have sheetrock on outside?)

building something dangerous delegitimizes us.


more-permanent structure bring the yurt up to code – ORGANIZE A BUILD IN!

temp check Sunday @ 9am: hot – SPREAD THE WORD

call tree: time/date/tools/materials/plans


building has to be quick, city’s gonna freak out no matter what we do.


yurt free standing, let’s get it up.


swaying tarps from tree for one big tent.

– snow weight an issue

– support beams would do it


City evicting us, media creating rumors:

Joel: not immediate=fine tonight.


Zach, from channel 6, recieved e-mail: “we will have them out by this weekend” we have asked for this to be forwarded.

Joel was told Monday.


Joel: not likely – media looking for a good story.


police will be delivering a letter with eviction date. haven’t yet maybe good sign.