Facilitation: Blake

Stack: Bridgette

GA in City hall basement by DPD- 4pm


‘Matt- talked to police about getting belongings back. Was told that we need to make individual appointments and have photo ID with to reclaim belongings that were confiscated.

Discussion on donations and communal property- how are we to get items back at do not have one personal owner?

‘Alan- took direct action and went to desk to ask about his personal belongings that were taken.

Group motioned to follow Alan and address our questions directly

Sgt. Laura Marquardt addressed the GA and handed out the following letter.


Nov 23, 20011

To: occupy Duluth participants

On 11/22/11, at approximately 0620 hrs, all items found in the Civic Center by the Duluth Police Department that were removed and stored. The items in our possession have no owner information. By City Ordinance all property in possession of the Duluth Police Department that is not claimed within 30 days will be destroyed or auctioned. If you are the owner of any property left in the Civic Center on the above mentioned date please arrange to pick up your property prior to the disposal date of Dec 22, 2011. In order to release any property, you will need to bring photo identification such as a drivers license, passport or military identification and a detailed written description of and item or items you believe we may have.

Please contact the following people to schedule a pick up day and time.

Jen Mangan Property/Evidence Technician 730-5444

Erik Isackson Property/Evidence Technician 730 5443

Tony Rich Information Technician 730 5483


Thank you

Sgt. Laura Marquardt- 730 5501

Duluth Police Department

Crimes Scene Unit



-Confiscated items were labeled as found, abandoned property and addressed as such under city ordinance.


‘Marquardt- there are no ordinances to address communal property, a detailed description of the items must be given by the owners


‘Lara-These said items WERE DONATED and have no ONE owner- also- a detailed description of all of the blankets is not a feasible demand. It should need no further description other than “a pile of blankets”. Furthermore- should we not be able to get the communal blankets and property back we would like to make sure that rather than “disposing” of the property- it be given to the homeless community that could really use them this winter.

‘Marquardt- will talk to her superiors about how to address the communal belongings and will be in contact with Lara Simpson 393 8470 in regards to developments and future negotiations.

-Partial VIDEO of conversation with Marquardt will be up soon-

GA reconvened back in vestibule of City Hall basement

Temp check on 5 min break and reconvening outside at the Duluth Autonomous District (civic cntr lawn)


‘Vern- how are we going about addressing the ways the DPD went about confiscating our belongings?

‘Justin- we need to stop talking to their people and working through their channels. We need to go above and beyond their attorneys and channels to figure out our own legal channels to address this issue.

‘Vern- Who would be willing to look into legal aid and specifically the ACLU?

‘Jesse- I am already on contacting the ACLU and waited until today’s meeting with the DPD to move forward with contacting them- so as to have more information to present them with.

Proposal: contact the ACLU ASAP requesting legal advise and aid regarding our matters with the ACLU


Motion to move to next agenda item:


‘Tyler- “office” space on Lake Ave. and Superior St.- above The Electric Fetus has been offered to Occupy Duluth by a willing citizen willing to cover the lease and rent. Should be in the works for December 1st, 2011.

Proposal: Tyler will contact the Gentleman willing to donate the space tomorrow and jump on getting the lease signed.


*Clarification: Moving forward with the signing of lease before Wednesdays GA is an autonomous action on Tyler’s behalf to get the ball rolling. Further discussion on the parameters and function of our donated space will be added to Wednesdays GA agenda.

Motion to move to next open agenda topic.


‘Justin- expressed concern with facilitation and consensus process. It is important to make sure that we are all being listened to adequately and given the opportunity to speak without .

‘Nadia- I was at occupy Minneapolis and would like to say that in comparison to larger area GAs Duluth flows well.

‘Lara- most of the issues we are discussing can be rectified with refining the art of facilitation and exsibiting patience with one another

-Hand signals should be addressed to the stack keeper and not used as a way to undermine or cut off the person speaking

‘Nadia- a sign with images and descriptions of their usage would be helpful

‘Lara- I have been saying since the first damn GA we ever had that I would make exactly what Nadia just suggested. I, as a member of Facilitation working group will make sure to follow through with this by no later than Saturday of this week. Pamphlets and web postings will also be in existence soon. I would also like to hold a facilitation tech in to prepare people for Dec.4-9th when a core group of occupiers will be in DC. I will host this before the 4th and announce more details at tomorrow’s GA @430pm in the Wells Fargo skywalk entrance.

Temp Check on moving to next agenda topic


‘Vern- can we talk about the Dec 6th action at Kitchi Gammi Club in response to the Polly Met Lunch event

‘Jesse- has been in contact with Nathan Ness in regards to  this event.

-A teach in on cohesive messaging and staying on point has also been suggested by Nathan.

Proposal: Jesse will get in contact with Nathan this evening and solidify details further to bring back a more complete plan to Wednesdays GA


Temp check on moving to next topic


‘Kindly gentleman with a nice hat and facial hair- I have personally posted fliers/info in the men’s bathroom at the mall and encourage others to do similar things in like places anywhere!

‘Nadia- we did that at the zombie black Friday rally at the mall- security followed us around and took them down.

-AWESOME idea :)

Temp check on next topic


‘Nadia- just got back from OccupyMN and wanted to address a few agenda items of interest from the GA in last night.

-99 tents for the 99%, this Wednesday

-Temp check on solidarity action on Wednesday

-NO PASS- due to our climate here with the city and DPD more tents would be very distracting to our cause here and short notice.

-Port action, November 12th

-Proposal to possibly do something here in the twin ports area on this date, Nadia will look into devising a proposal for Wednesday’s GA to discuss deeper


-Motion to CLOSE assembly


Closing reminder that there will be a GA tomorrow at 4:30 in the Wells Fargo skywalk entrance, and Wednesdays GA will be held at 7pm at the civic center.

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