Occupy is NOT under an immediate threat, as per Don Ness.

I would like to personally apologize, I was given misinformation that the camp was under immediate threat of eviction and asked to sound the alarm.

This was apparently not accurate and I apologize for the alarm.

With that said, I just want to thank everyone SO MUCH for the outpouring of support! If the moment ever does arise it is good to know that we can call on the “cavalry”, as it were, if needed.

Again apologies, and thank you all.

Emergency GA

Emergency GA to discuss today’s police visits.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Location: DAD/MOM


This meeting was called after an emergency call went out on Facebook to get to the occupation site ASAP. Because of miscommunication, we were led to believe that the camp was in immediate danger.  It wasn’t.  Since so many of us were there, we decided to have a meeting about recent police visits to tents put up by individuals, on their own authority, as autonomous beings.


After much discussion, it was decided to have the individuals who put up the tent in the other half of the plaza talk directly to the police, and only about that specific action, rather than get into a discussion about the entire camp, (consolidation, electricity, heating, numbers of tents, etc.)  These will be discussed at the 7pm General Assembly meeting, later today.


It was also agreed that people need to be very sure about situations before sending emergency meeting requests out on Facebook, as the Mayor’s office was flooded with calls of complaint that the camp was being evicted – unnecessarily.